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Great Grilled Cheeses

My wife and I watch a fair bit of Food Network and particularly liked The Great FoodTruck Race. Unfortunately for a long time there have not really been Food Trucks to be found around the GTA. When I heard about the Gorilla Cheese I had to try it, so last weekend we made the trip from Brampton to Ancaster.
We ordered the Hammer (a grilled cheese with apples and honey mustard) and an Original Gorilla (aka the O.G.). The sandwiches were delicious, my wife and I both really liked them. Both the Hammer and OG come with cheddar cheese which was great, and each sandwich comes with a tasty dill pickle as well. We had seen online that Gorilla Cheese also has tomato soup which we wanted to try but unfortunately they were not serving it that day. They did have bags of cheese curds for sale and we bought one of those. The curds were great and made me wish I could have got a side of poutine with my grilled cheeses (maybe one day?).
For being in a remote location, at the opening of a new housing development, there was a decent crowd of people there.
I would totally recommend trying the yummy grilled cheese sandwiches of Gorilla Cheese if you get the opportunity. I want to hit them up again and get a soup as well next time.