5 must-try eats from Toronto’s new food trucks

By on June 26, 2015

20156150-fit-to-grill-Fried-Fish-Po-BoyThe Toronto food truck season is in full swing and the new trucks on the block are bringing out menu items we have yet to see before. From Indian fusion to breakfast offerings, get a taste of something new with a visit to one of these trucks.

Here’s a round-up of 5 must try eats from Toronto’s newest food trucks.

Fit to Grill
The Fit to Grill food truck has been taking the music festival scene by storm and even took home the award for the best sandwich at Field Trip. All the other sandwiches fell short to their catfish po’boy. It must have been their winning combination of deep fried catfish and creamy Southern slaw.


The feasTO food truck knows a thing or two about dumplings. Their pho beef dumplings explode with flavours you commonly associate with, you guessed it, pho soup. Broth, noodles and beef are carefully packaged into a dumpling wrapper.

The Egg Man
The Egg Man wants to start your morning off with their breakfast inspired poutine. Their breakfast poutine comes with hot out of the fryer tater tops topped with cheese, bacon, sausage and hollandaise sauce. All the important food groups are covered, right?


Tdots Naansense
Tdots Naansense is taking a Canadian staple and mixing it with their Indian roots. Get your hands on their deep fried butter chicken mac and cheese and learn how fusion is done right. The side mango salad will lighten things up.

You may have caught the big green Born2Eat truck popping up at King & John. The one menu item you can’t go wrong with ordering up is their beet + beef burger. Ground beef and beets are crafted into a patty and topped with avocado, goat cheese, red onion, tomato and Russian dressing.

To find out where your favourite trucks will be each day, check back on our food truck calendar or download the Toronto Food Trucks app for iPhone or Android.

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