And the AwesTRUCK 2014 awards go to…

By on September 8, 2014

20140906-awestruck2048-14.jpg-resize_then_crop-_h_1365-preserve_ratio_true-resize_then_crop_false-gravity_center-w_2184_This past Friday and Saturday, food trucks from all over Ontario packed Mississauga Celebration Square for one of the biggest annual food truck events of the season which was held alongside SoundBites. It felt like déjà vu on the first evening when the GTA was hit with a heavy rain and lightning storm which quickly rained out the event, but the skies cleared up for a jam packed Saturday evening.

Along with the large variety of food truck options throughout the Square, hungry attendees of all ages were able to sit and enjoy the various musical performances through the evening. The event ultimately drew 35,000 food truck and music lovers on the Saturday.

Once again this year, AwesTRUCK held its annual food truck award ceremony to acknowledge some of Ontario’s best food trucks and handed out five awards based on public voting.

Here are your 2014 AwesTRUCK award winners:

Best Concept: ME.N.U Food Truck

Best Graphics: Busters Sea Cove

Best New Truck: Hollywood Cone

Best Menu Item: Bestia’s Margerita Pizza

People’s Choice: ME.N.U Food Truck

Congratulations to all of the well-deserved winners at AwesTRUCK 2014! For those who missed out on this year’s AwesTRUCK, be sure to check out the blogTO photo gallery from the event.

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