Food Truck Alley home to gourmet eats in Hamilton

By on April 16, 2013

Food Truck Alley HamiltonAlready home to a thriving food truck scene, Hamilton has been stepping up their game this year with a recurring event known as ‘Food Truck Alley’ where truck lovers can find some of their favourite street eats all in one place.

Spearheaded by Graeme Smith, owner of Gorilla Cheese, and Mike Pitton of Southern Smoke Truck, the two entrepreneurs got together and leased a piece of land to create a place designated for trucks to come and serve up their gourmet grub when they aren’t busy with their bookings. They are hoping that Food Truck Alley can become a regular spot where people can come by for truck food at any time throughout the spring and summer.

This past weekend, Food Truck Alley hosted several different local vendors including Toronto favourites, Gourmet Gringos and Buster’s Sea Cove who made the trip over to Hamilton for the service. “It was an awesome sight to see all those trucks lined up like that, once we get some good weather I think we’ll see a lot more trucks coming out.” said Graeme.

Here’s hoping that Hamilton’s Food Truck Alley is only the first of many truck pods that open up in the city this food truck season.

Food Truck Alley can be found on Aberdeen Ave at Longwood St South in Hamilton by Highway 403.

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