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Randys Roti

Randy’s Curbside Roti & Doubles (or just Randy’s Roti for short), is Toronto’s first West Indian food truck — actually it’s two trucks. Owned and operated by Randy Kangal, the first truck launched late in 2013, while the second truck arrived on the scene just in time to test out Toronto’s new food truck licenses for street side vending.

Kangal was one of the first to shell out $5000+ for the mobile permit that would allow him to operate curbside (hence the name of the second truck), though he notes that the new rules are too restrictive and when asked if he’ll renew next year he says “let’s wait and see…”

Having grown up around food and the restaurant industry, Kangal is all about pleasing the masses. His food ultra accommodating to Caribbean expats looking for a taste of home, as well as halal-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Spicing up the regular roster of street eats in Toronto, Randy’s Roti dishes up chicken, goat or chickpea-stuffed roti, platters of fried chicken, oxtail stew with rice, corn soup and more. The trucks can literally be found in two places at once and they’ll service not just the downtown but also the GTA, Hamilton and beyond.

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