Toronto’s licensing committee votes to reduce 50 metre restriction

By on April 22, 2015

05032013-feistyjack-exteriorThe city’s food truck scene could see some forward progress this upcoming food truck season as the hotly debated topic came back to city hall on Tuesday to discuss the proposed new street vending changes.

The most promising news coming out of the meeting is that members of the licensing committee have voted to reduce the distance that trucks would have to be from restaurants from 50 metres down to 30 metres.

Of all the existing Toronto food truck rules, this rule has been the most restricting as it virtually keeps food trucks from being able to operate in the downtown area, so the decision to address this issue is definitely a step in the right direction.

Other proposed rule changes will also include offering new 6-month and 9-month street vending permits at a reduced rate to accommodate for the inoperable winter seasons, as well as to allow food trucks to park in city pay-and-display parking locations.

The newly proposed street vending rules still need to be approved by the city council next month, but there may be hope for Toronto’s food truck scene yet.

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