Toronto’s newest Egyptian restaurant now also has a food truck

By on June 15, 2021

tut's food truck

Tut’s food truck is the place to indulge in fresh, authentic Egyptian food in Toronto with Instagram-worthy packaging

Co-owner Amr Elmazariky explained that Tut’s food truck launched as a way to expand business and the pay-off so far has been rewarding.

“We have a restaurant downtown on King and Portland. So when we heard about the Street Eats Market, we thought it was a really good opportunity to increase our reach and have another location here in Scarborough. It worked out very well and there’s been a lot of love from Scarborough so far,” says Elmazariky.

tut's food truck

Tut’s bread and meats are cooked fresh daily and all preparation is done from their King Street restaurant location.   

“Everything is made fresh. Our bread is baked every day. All the preparation; the chicken, falafel, sausage, minced beef, is all made in house. We have a big prep team back at our King Street location that does this on a daily basis and every morning the food is sent out to the food truck,” says Elmazariky.

 tut's food truck

All of the food at Tut’s is authentic Egyptian made with small tweaks to enhance customer experience. Elmazariky explains that the sandwich bread back home is longer but the Tut’s team shortened their bread for Instagram friendly visuals.  

Aside from aesthetics, Tut’s kept the authenticity of their ingredients and recipes to ensure quality dishes were being served to customers.

tut's food truck

“We kept the authenticity to the falafel. A lot of people think that the falafel is vegan but any authentic falafel would have eggs in it, which is why our falafel is only vegetarian,” says Elmazariky. 

Elmazariky’s advice to any aspiring food truck owners is to keep in mind the hard work and preparation that goes into running a food truck.

 tut's food truck

“It’s definitely more challenging than having a restaurant. If you believe in your food and you make good stuff people will follow. So just be aware of the beware of the operation itself,” says Elmazariky. 

Although the chicken sandwich is a Tut’s best-seller, Elmazariky encourages customers to try different sandwiches each time they visit, in order to taste the unique flavours that each sandwich brings.

 Tut's food truck

Tut’s is currently planning to open additional food trucks in the future.

Elmazariky shared his thoughts on how the city of Toronto could better support food trucks, “I think the easier the the applications are for food truck owners, the better. To have the city make the process a little simpler, more streamlined and more online, I think would help a lot of people to bring their dream to life,” says Elmazariky. 

Photos by: Victoria Malawi

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