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We Got Balls

We Got Balls is Toronto’s newest food truck, now operating from a semi-permanent location at the north east corner of Dupont and Dufferin. It’s a ballsy move to open in the middle of December when even more-seasoned trucks have gone on hiatus.

First time food truck operator, Victor Valente took seven months to custom build his truck while concurrently taking business and culinary classes. He’s got a background in mechanics and construction and is obviously undeterred by the cold. At least the menu showcases the kind of craveable comfort food well-suited to winter weather.

We Got BallsAs the name suggests, the menu is devoted to meatballs. The selection is set to change frequently but will typically feature a 4-5 baked (not fried) varieties like beef-ricotta-raisin balls, gluten-free turkey balls, Cajun-spiced chicken balls, vegetarian broccoli-almond balls and even stuffed risotto balls.

We Got BallsWhy balls? Valente says, “I wanted to a offer an alternative to fried foods, we make each ball from scratch and cook the balls in a convection oven on-board.”

The opening menu offers four formats: 4-ball combos ($8.50), sliders ($3.50 each, $8.50/2 or $11/3), sandwiches ($8.50) and meatball-topped poutines ($9.50/small or $13.50/large). Orders can be customized with mix and match meatballs, and, a choice of truck-made tomato sauce, gravy, or, zesty, island or special WGB sauce.

We Got BallsCan we expect to see We Got Balls working the usual circuit of food truck hotspots? Hopefully in the future, but for now the truck is paying rent at the parking spot kitty-corner to Galleria Mall.

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